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posted by [personal profile] scarecrowfan at 12:37pm on 22/11/2008
So there are Things To Do This Weekend, mostly related to homework and projects I should be getting a head start on.

I am horrible at those, unfortunately. But! I do figure that if I split my work evenly over the day/weekend, I will probably get more done than if I just lazy around today and overwork myself(or not, unfortunately) come sunday. This means I have to actually start said things, which would be made much easier if it was done Friday. But Friday was game night, and I did not feel like arriving from freezing on a bench outside to take notes on on of the most corrupt political periods in US History.

On a non-school-related note, I finished Life on Mars yesterday! It was...well I cried at the 'ending'. But definitely a series worth watching if you get the chance.
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posted by [personal profile] scarecrowfan at 06:25pm on 22/10/2008

More than anything, this is a post to say I am still around! I've been really busy with school and such later, which is why I haven't updated in......forever. Hoping things will get less hectic soon though, so I can go back to properly keeping up with things.

Also, to make this an actually worthwhile read, Random Fact time~

King Richard the Lionhearted(the one who's evil brother John takes over the throne while he's away in every Robin Hood thing ever) was French, never actually set foot inside England because he was off fighting the Crusades, and also happened to be gay. Now I just want to figure out if he was the I, II, III, etc.

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posted by [personal profile] scarecrowfan at 09:07pm on 25/08/2008 under ,
I haven't updated this thing in a while, I know.

It's not that I've forgotten about it, I am keeping up with my f!list and reading everything, but I never really get the urge to post about things.

School does start tomorrow, and I'm nervous as hell because at this point I literally know no one there, move and all. I'm not even sure about dress code or the like, so I'm just sticking to a white shirt and jeans; the standard. I'll also be taking my sweater, just in case.

I'm not familiar with the style of classes, the weather, the people, anything. And it's freaking me out; I just want to get the first day over with so I can move on from there.
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Rating: PG
Word Count:
Spoilers: None really, except for one conversation during Captain Jack Harkness
Summary: He promised him an adventure
Memory )


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Title:Ten Minutes
Characters/Pairing: Jack, mentions of the rest of the team and the Doctor
Rating: PG
Word Count: 976
Spoilers: Vague spoilers for Last of the Time Lords and some of Doctor Who and Torchwood Season one
Summary: A look at ten minutes after Jack said goodbye to the Doctor and Martha



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posted by [personal profile] scarecrowfan at 07:40pm on 16/07/2008
Just quick updates~

I finally bought my Skullcandy headphones; I couldn't find them in green, but I did find them in black and have decided they look awesome~ I've also been listening to Cold Play's Viva la Vida on repeat lately, which is sorta weird because normally I'm not a huge fan of the band, but I really like their song.

I've been playing around with the video camera too! It's not that hard to get used to, and actually kinda fun, so I'm thinking of starting on the video tomorrow.
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posted by [personal profile] scarecrowfan at 07:18pm on 14/07/2008
So I went to the pool yesterday. Broad daylight, surrounded by people, neighbors but didn't know any of them, no shirt or shorts or anything. And as pathetic as it sounds, anybody that knows me knows that this is sort of a big deal for me, considering that last time I did it was dark, surrounded by friends, and I kept my shorts on even while swimming.

I'm making an effort to not be in the house as much and be a little healthier, so I'm trying to go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill for twenty minutes a day. I don't always make it, but I've been keeping it up. Eating healthier, however, is a whole other issue because I have such a sweet tooth. Doesn't help that there's a chocolate cake in the house right now.

In other more random news, I bought new shoes~ ♥ They're converse, and they're two-layered, one layer brown with white laces, the other green with matching laces. They're the most colorful pair of shoes I've owned in a while, and I like them enough to just want to go out and wear them. I'm also planning on getting green skullcandy headphones soon, and not just cus they'd match the shoes.

Oh, and Brittany; dunno if Dale told you, but I'm sort of not sure where my phone is right now, which is why I haven't answered calls. Promise to call you as soon as I find it~
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So I finally got both computer and internet in California. Took long enough, but considering the move isn't coming for '10-15 days'(my comp was shipped), I should consider myself lucky.

California is...nice, actually. It's a lot colder than Florida, but in a good way. It's sorta weird though, looking out the window and seeing mountains and not a single cloud i the sky; makes for a very pretty scene, but takes a bit getting used to. It's boring at the apartment though, now a bit less that I've got my comp back; there's very little to do besides sit around or go out on errands; the downfall of not actually knowing anyone on this side of the country. Upside though, is that I've picked up this series called 'Brothers & Sisters', and I've been renting the DVDs and watching it with my mom.; gives me something to do, plus nice family bonding time.
And because you I am obliged to mentioned this; I watched the season finale of Doctor Who today, and loved it like the good little fan I am X3 I guess once I sit down and rewatch it without all the emotional attachment, I'll find plot holes and all that. But for now? I'm happy and giddy and giggling every so often, and I like things that way~
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posted by [personal profile] scarecrowfan at 04:25pm on 22/06/2008
So, as some of you know, I'll be moving to California soon, and will thus lack internet for a while. Just thought I should put a note, in case anyone thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth =/

I can sum  up my packing experience in one word; annoying. Waaay to many things to pack and organize, not enough patience on my part. You'd think I remember this when I'm buying new things, but it never occurs to me. On a happier note; I watched the new Doctor Who episode today. Sucks that I'm going probably have to wait a bit to see the finale, but just more to look forward to~ On that note...

*cough* That is all.
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posted by [personal profile] scarecrowfan at 06:38am on 07/05/2008
AIM is being screwy and not letting me access my emails, even though when I logged on the messenger said I had seventen of them; it's been like this since last night.

Wtf AIM, wtf.

Anybody else having issues, or am I just special like that? >>